The chair develops partnerships with companies, communities and associations directly concerned by the regional attractiveness and marketing issues. This may involve local government, regional development agencies (residential, economic, cultural or tourism-related), urban planning agencies, associations and trade unions, large public or private companies supplying services to communities, transporters of goods, passengers or capital, the media, and major developers or operators of sporting, cultural and business events (fairs, conferences, exhibitions etc.)

These partnerships have a triple purpose for the chair:

  1. To enhance the Chair’s expertise. Each partner gives its own operational knowledge, representative of the various faces of place marketing and attractiveness fields.
  2. To provide additional financial resources to the Chair so it can accelerate its development and put in place new research projects and work tools.
  3. To provide usefull information to firms. Indeed, we are working on the strengthening of links between firms and territories, in a place marketing approach. We are convincted that the belonging to a place creates more value and turns into a competitive advantage for the firm.

By definition, each partnership is personalized respecting expectations and needs of each partner.