The A&NMT Chair offers a second year Master's Degree training course in "Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing" for different profiles :

- Students ( the training is available as initial training or sandwich course since September 2020)
- Working professionals  (in continuous training)
- Professionals  retraining (in continuing education)

This training is part of a logic of personal skills development on these emerging themes for local authorities. - It begins with a seminar on the main notions of territorial marketing and attractiveness.  Then the lectures will focus on the issue of the cross-cutting nature of these sectors of activity, to finally bring light on marketing tools, practices and methods before reflecting on the governance of these approaches (including in specific territories such as rural areas, neighbourhoods undergoing revitalisation and so on).

A multidisciplinary and international teaching

A session of seminars (between 3 to 5 days each) is deliverd each month from September to July of an academic year. The teaching is specific, very operational and with a great international outlook. Benefiting from interventions of professionals, academics and experts, the seminars are oriented towards the most innovative and efficient practices of territorial marketing in the world.

The assets of the training

- Being operational: Gain immediate skills (toolboxes, practices, techniques)
- Scientific: Developing a scientific analysis skill and questioning one's own practice.
- Transversality: Having a more transversal vision of attractiveness
- Network: Meeting and exchanging with a new network (speakers, experts, academics as well as other professionals involved in the training, from different sectors). Discover and take part to different specialised events (including annual Place Marketing Forum).

 Possibility of validating the Master II in 2 years. The first year is devoted to the follow-up of the seminars, the second year to the writing and defence of the dissertation.

4 formats to follow the training

GRADUATE TRAINING: initial, sandwich course or continuous training | Master 2
By attending all of the Chair's seminars, writing and defending a professional thesis supervised by a university tutor, obtain a Master II degree in "Attractiveness and New Territorial Marketing", with a specialization in "Public Management" from Aix-Marseille University.

300 hours of courses | 1 week per month from September 2020 to July 2021 | Defense in September 2021

By attending all the seminars, learn about the main themes of attractiveness and territorial marketing. The A&NMT Chair will provide you with a certificate of attendance at these seminars.

300 hours courses | 1 week per month from September 2020 to July 2021

Would you like to learn more about attractiveness topics and territorial marketing? You can attend the seminars that interest you and obtain a certificate of attendance from the Chair.

From September 2020 to July 2021