Christophe Alaux, A&NMT Chair Director and Joël Gayet, Chair Founder, have both written or participated in the elaboration of various publications.
Here are some of it :

  • Place Marketing Trend 2014

Author : Joël Gayet

The Place Marketing Trend presents for the first time the trends and new practices of place marketing worldwide. More than a panorama of what the most performant local authorities are doing to improve their attractiveness, this publication reveals practices and innovating models of marketing that revolutionize our vision of the place marketing and its role within places development. Corps et Ame editions

Reference: ISBN 978-2-7547-2431-9



  • Place Marketing : how to develop places attractiveness and hospitality ? 2014

Author : Camille Chamard

With the collaboration of: Christophe Alaux, Yves Boisvert, Joël Gayet, Vincent Gollain

Nowadays, literature is not abundant on place marketing field, even if it is concerning local authorities professionals. This book present an analyze fram and tools for professionals, illustrated with many examples of place marketing projects conducted in local authorities. The first objective is to answer to professionnals needs (public managers, consultants, students ...). De Boeck Editions

Reference: ISBN 978-2-8041-8472-8


  • Places : from attractiveness to competitiveness. Theories and practices

Author : Vincent Gollain

With the collaboration of : Lise Bourdeau-Lepage, Benoît Meyronin, Vincent Gollain, Camille Chamard, Joël Gayet, Christophe Alaux, Maeva Chanoux and Elisabeth Le Masson.

This book provides theorical and practical answers to local authorities latest questions, facing the global competition : how to attract, how to anchor the investors, producers or talents ? How to understand this phenomenon ? Which are the new methods for elected representatives and local managers in order to adapt themselves to this new situation and ensure their place development ?