International Benchmarking

The Chair’s applied research work is aligned with two of the chair’s objectives

  • Monitoring trends and best practices of place marketing throughout the world;
  • Promoting the development of new models and operational tools for place marketing

These objectives are fulfilled in the following ways:

  • Permanent international monitoring system to follow and analyze best practices throughout the world
    Our founders and partners can access to an international Benchmark, created by the Chair, on trends, best practices, stakes and issues of place marketing, attractiveness, branding and governance worldwide.

To see an example of the Benchmark records, click here.

  • Research work on place marketing new models and tools. This year-long program is coordinated by the Chair's Board and hosted by an expert group, composed in part by our founders representatives.
  • Personnalized research works, on demand, for our founders and partners
  • The chair also takes part in thematic studies, in collaboration with its various partners, universities and grandes écoles, institutions and companies