The chair’s applied research work is in line with two of the chair’s objectives:

  • Monitoring trends and best practices in regional marketing throughout the world;
  • Promoting the development of new models and operational tools for regional marketing

These objectives are fulfilled in the following ways:

  • Permanent international monitoring system to follow and analyse best practices throughout the world
  • The chair has collaborated with its partner on defining and scheduling the project, searching for service providers and technical monitoring.
  • Each week, the chair’s lecturers and experts add to the information recorded by the consultant/analysts at CoManaging, and every month, they take part in selecting and drafting “Best Place marketing practices”.
  • Applied research work on new models and tools for regional marketing. This research work, which takes place throughout the year, is coordinated by the chair’s leadership and is run by a group of experts consisting mainly of representatives of the founders. The results of this work will appear in an annual publication as part of the chair’s editorial collection, and be the subject of a summary presentation at the “Place Marketing Forum”
  • Personalised research work on behalf of the chair’s founders and partners of the chair. The chair will develop specific work projects on behalf of its partners.
  • The chair will also take part in topical studies, in collaboration with its various partners, universities and grandes écoles, institutions and companies