"The Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance, created in 1996, is a Training and Research Unit (UFR) of Aix-Marseille University. This Institute has been thought to teach positions related to the management of the public sector and its organisations in the territories, as well as to research in the field of public management.

The IMPGT's objective is to train tomorrow's managers whose mission will be to provide public organisations with management tools and methods, in accordance with the values and principles of the collective sphere.

Public management is at the crossroads of management logics, administrative or political sciences. It focuses on the territory, which guarantees the renewal and enrichment of visions. It is a new trend which has been reinforced by the lateste successive reforms of the public sphere. Public management would not be conceivable without an international dimension. It is rooted in regional traditions of diversity and hospitality, wide open to the Mediterranean See, the South and beyond. A promise of encounters and exchanges...

The mission of this Institute is to train professionals, researchers, architects and public organisation managers, actors in the fields of culture, health, the quality of public services, entrepreneurs in sustainable development. To put in a nutshell, men and women who are going to be at the service of others and the performance of public systems

Through teaching provided by academics, professionals and specialists in public/private sectors, as well as project implementation, long internships and research papers, we offer training that we want to be comprehensive, professional and enriching, in the perspective of today's professions and their constant evolution.

Being a public sector manager means mastering management tools, promoting approaches that focus on the user-citizen and reforming organisations in accordance with the values of public services and general interest.

The IMPGT offers this multidisciplinary training from  first year Bachelor's degrees to Ph.D, both oriented towards the professions of the future and the maintenance of values specific to the collective sphere. »

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