The Team

The Chair was founded in 2013 by Mr Joël GAYET. Since 2015, it has been managed by Mr Christophe ALAUX, Director of the Chair and IMPGT, and by Mrs Sarah SERVAL. They are assisted by Christine CUENCA and Camille DESSENDIER. They benefit from the assistance of the services and permanent teams of the Institute of Public Management and Territorial Governance of Aix-Marseille University.

Christophe ALAUX | Chair Director 

Lecturer, Agrégé Economic and Social Sciences, Deputy Director of IMPGT, Director of programs, Christophe is also Special Advisor to the Vice-Presidency of Aix-Marseille University for the evaluation of programss by students. He has the academic responsibility for the Master 2 "Marketing and public communication" and the Master 2 "Quality Management". Lecturer in public marketing (territorial, public services and social marketing: behavior of general interest), he is co-author of the "Place Marketing: how to develop territories attractiveness and hospitality" book with Camille Chamard and Joël Gayet, published by De Boeck in 2014, and of the CNER community work "From attractiveness to competitiveness : theories and practices", under the supervision of Vincent Gollain and Lise Bourdeau Lepage (2015). He also published scientific articles in journals classified (RFAP GMP), at international conferences and for book chapters on these research topics. He runs as co-chairman the Study Group XVI "public and non for profit Marketing" of the European Group of Public Administration. He participated in numerous action researchs, in partnership with local authorities or non-profit organizations: place marketing, cultural marketing, user / customer management. He is active partner of Cap'Com's network as a member of the Steering Committee. Is the academic direction of the master course, the methodological presentation and coaching dissertations thesis of the Master.


Sarah SERVAL | Deputy Director 

Chair A&NMT Deputy Director and et Teacher-Researcher for IMPGT, Sarah Serval defended her PhD thesis in December 2015 at Aix Marseille University. In her thesis, She investigated the relation between local public action and the territorial anchoring of foreign subsidiaries. She has received a thesis award at the AIRMAP conference in June 2016. Her field of research interests concern the territorial management and how to foster territorial attractiveness and competitiveness. During her PhD, she was also involved in consulting activities on behalf of local authorities. She previously worked for Paris-Saclay University.


Christine CUENCA | Benchmarking and Research Promotion Manager 

After a thesis studying the links between urbanization, international trade and economic development in the Mediterranean, Christine Cuenca taught for 7 years at Aix-Marseille University and the University of Reunion Island, then at the Ecole de Commerce in Marseille. She was also coordinator of international conferences organized in Marseille and Aix (www.lesrendezvousdelamediterrané before turning to operations. She has participated in the elaboration of territorial diagnoses in the PACA Region (SCoT of the Pays d'Aix, SCoT of the Ouest de l'Etang de Berre) at the Urban Planning Agency of the Pays d'Aix and at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques d'Aix, was an associate researcher at the Pôle Développement Durable et Territoires Méditerranéens and participated in the discussions of the Platform Créativité et Territoires ( Since 2016, she has been in charge of international monitoring and research promotion at the A&NMT Chair.

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Camille DESSENDIER | Project Manager 

After a degree in Sociology at Aix-Marseille University, Camille obtained a Master 1 Public Management and then a Master 2 Public Marketing and Communication at IMPGT (Aix-Marseille University) where the A&NMT Chair is located. For 2 years, she was project manager and communication officer for Anonymal, an association of animation and social and cultural mediation through audiovisual tools and information and communication technologies, mainly in the priority districts of the Aix-Marseille Provence metropolis. Since January 2018, she has been a project manager for the A&NMT Chair. 

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 Laura CARMOUZE | PhD student 

Laura Carmouze is a doctoral student in Management Sciences at the University of Aix-Marseille, IMPGT and CERGAM. His thesis is part of the work of the A&NMT Chair, and is carried out under the supervision of Professor Robert Fouchet and Mr Christophe Alaux. This doctoral work focuses on the integration of inter-organizational relations between metropolitan and regional actors as a process for structuring territorial attractiveness strategies. For its land, it analyses 4 couples metropolitan area-region: the metropolitan area Aix-Marseille-Provence and the South region, the metropolitan area of Brest and the Brittany region, the metropolitan area Grand-Lyon and the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the Eurometropolitan area of Strasbourg and the Grand-Est region. More broadly, his research areas include public management, strategic management, territorial attractiveness and place marketing. She is the author of a book chapter, seven papers in refereed conferences and four articles in revision for refereed journals.


Joël GAYET | Chair Founder 

Founder of the Chair, Joël Gayet is a recognised expert in regional marketing. He has managed the chair project with Sciences Po Aix and the CoManaging consultancy. As a graduate of Montpellier Business School, after a year spent studying Management and Applied Economics at the university of Paris Dauphine, Joël Gayet began his career in communication at Publiscope and the Publicis Conseil group in Paris, where he worked on behalf of international groups, before moving to the marketing and sales department at Pradel, part of the Cordier group. He has successively been a Partner and Director of France Conseil (a consultancy group working in the field of marketing and communication, specialising in institutions, tourism and development), the founder of Culture Marque (a brand strategy consultancy), and Vice-President of the High Co group. In 2002, he founded CoManaging, a consultancy specialising in regional marketing, which he ran until 2011. As such, he created new methodologies and analysis tools, which are widely used in regional marketing, such as regional "Identity Portraits" (with Sophie de Paillette), integrated marketing strategies, "Shared branding codes" and monitoring with the "Tourism and Internet Benchmark". In his various functions, he has worked for 25 years as an advisor to many public bodies and French and European local authorities, which he has assisted with their new attractiveness, marketing and branding strategies, such as Brittany, Picardy (Spirit of Picardy), Auvergne (Auvergne Your New World), Champagne-Ardenne and Alsace as well as the Brussels Capital region, the Ardenne massif, the Valais canton (Valais Excellence), the departments of Drôme, Ille et Vilaine (Upper Brittany), Vaucluse, Calvados, Maine and Loire (Anjou) and La Manche, the resort of Deauville and Angers Loire Métropole. He runs seminars for councillors and professionals on new regional attractiveness strategies and has worked at many conferences and business schools (Sciences Po Aix, ESC Toulouse, EM Strasbourg, Grenoble Ecole de Management, HEC, Ecole des Ponts, etc.). Joël Gayet is the author of "La Totale Communication" (Top editions) and "Place Marketing Trend 2014" (Corps et Ame editions). He is also co-author with Christophe Alaux and Camille Chamard of "Place Marketing: how to develop territories attractiveness and hospitality" (De Boeck editions, 2014), and co-author with Christophe Alaux of the CNER community work "From attractiveness to competitiveness : theories and practices", under the supervision of Vincent Gollain and Lise Bourdeau Lepage (2015). Joël has also  written many articles on development, marketing and communication issues.

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